Scorched Earth Hopes

Burning Man PlayaThe barren playa (desert floor) of Burning Man is like a blank canvas to fill with ideas, crazy art, and philosophical and social revolution. Those who arrive to build, arrive to a cracked, dry, ancient lakebed. A little marker with a CD nailed into the ground, with a pink tassel attached, is all that marks the spot the artist begins to build.

Is this illustrative of how those of us who have been burned by religion should approach the rebuilding of our lives? Should we look at the cracked, hardened earth of our lives, and instead of seeing it as devastation, should we see it as a clean canvas of an artistic beginning?

This website is about taking religion apart, putting it back together with a sense of hope and meaning. It is also about the creation of a book, being written by this title. Follow me as I process with the thinkers and creatives I know. Help us walk together through this “valley of the shadow of death” to the other side and into some kind of resurrection like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of its own fiery death.

On the other side of the scorched earth policies that leveled our past there is a new blank canvas. Can you see it? If not, trek with us out into the desert. We have seen it, and hope to show it to you as well.

photography by Hope Deifell

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