Kickin’ Ash! the un-Lenten practice

IMG_1293One of the theses of Burning Religion is the dynamics of carnival revolution, an often humorous turning of the world upside down. Today is Lent, and this year I am advocating an un-Lenten practice, but this un-Lenten practice is designed to capture the heart of the Lenten season, which is the disengagement from this world for the sake of deliverance from oppression or the bondage to the systems of power, and the temptations our own selfishness creates.

The practice of fasting, solitude, and choosing not to do something is tied to the dynamics of liberty from systems of oppression. This Lenten season I want to challenge the practice of Lent with an opposite response aimed at encouraging the same liberating focus. Join me in Kickin’ Ash an un-Lenten practice. 

At least once a week during this Lent, do something public outside the realm of your standard practices. Go to a group you’ve wanted to check out, and participate. Speak up at a moment you would normally remain silent. Dance. Sing louder than you’ve ever sung in public. Invite someone to hang out with you, and do something you have not done before.

This is action against our culturally-imposed and self-imposed inactions. Doing something small, a baby step toward re-engagement is all this requires. Make it easy, but make it something uncommon for you. Kickin’ Ash is the practice of living in liberating crazy freedom.

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