Stop the violence: Pope threatens mafia with Hell!

IMG_1886 Is it enough tsay stop? No. Not even for the Pope, but that’s what Francis did today. Well, he actually did a bit more than tell the mafia to stop the violence. Francis attended a gathering with people who have organized against mafia violence. Libera has been in existence since 1995, and is a grassroots organization hoping to stem the flow of mob violence in Italy. Today a prayer vigil was held for the victims of mafia violence. Francis attended. He was the first Pope to attend this yearly gathering, and it was from the space he told the mob that they were going to burn in Hell. The Pope is the most effective religious voice against the mafia, and in a church, which has at times appeared to be aligned with mob, this was a fairly bold move. He put up the hand of God, and told them they can not practice this kind of evil and expect blessing – either in this life, nor in the one to come. Yes, he told the devout mafia syndicate bosses that they were headed to Hell, unless they repent. That’s my idea of the right kind of burning religion – one that burns with a passion for justice and “peace on earth.”

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