Florida Triple Murder, Witchcraft, and Ethics of Reporting

This morning, the news is flush with the story of the grizzly triple murder in Pensacola, FL, and the ritualistic look of the murder scene, combined with the apparent connections of the “person of interest” to a “witchcraft” faith.

USA Today, The Washington Post and other large papers are running a particular article, which appears to use terms like witchcraft, Wicca, and satanic as synonymous terms. Sheriff David Morgan did a fantastic job outlining the murder as a “potentially ritualistic killing.” Sheriff Morgan went on to say, “most assuredly you do not want to defame or demean any particular practice”.

The articles spreading around the news have not been as careful as the Sheriff. We live in a world, in which more people die from being accused of being witches, than have ever been killed by witches. The irresponsibility of the press to share this story in this manner is unconscionable. One more time, ethics and the press do not meet on the same line.

I consider this an issue of social justice to right these kinds of mistruths.


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