Burning Religion Parties!

DSC_5228Yes! You too can host a Burning Religion Party!

I am launching “Burning Religion: navigating the impossible space between religion and secular society” in October. It is the culmination of three years of study and writing, and 30 years of pastoring, and missional activity in the places most Americans would rather not visit.

I currently have a Kickstarter fundraising project in process. For the next 4 weeks, I am pre-selling the book, and arranging small gatherings to talk about it. If you would be interested in gathering a little group of friends together for an evening of fun and holy mayhem, I will come to your abode or hangout. If you live a long distance from Salem, MA, we can arrange a Skype group call with your Burning Religion Party – unless your party is larger, then there are Kickstarter reward levels, which will get me to your neck of the woods.

Burning Religion met its goal and is now for sale on Amazon.

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