Bethke vs. Pontifex revisited

As I peruse some of the text of Burning Religion, I am reminded of how much I love the work of Fr. Pontifex. He is one serious hip hop priest.

In Burning Religion, I contrast the arguments over defining “religion” using two videos: Jefferson Bethke​’s Why I hate religion but love Jesus, and Fr. Pontifex’s Why I love religion and love Jesus too. This was an important YouTube spoken word war over the definition of “religion” in pop culture, which Bethke won by the numbers (20 million hits in 2 weeks) Pontifex responded a week after it came out, but has not quite had a million hits yet – too bad, because people need to hear the whole debate methinks.

Bethke is a great spoken word performer, but I think Pontifex takes it up another notch, and shreds like Eminem in 8 Mile here. He is smooth, conversational with his spoken word, humble and comfortable, and his argument is far more compelling. Wait till you see his line about Judas – wow. I have spoken with Fr. Pontifex on the phone in an interview I did for this book. He seems like the real deal. I am impressed with you Fr. Pontifex! 🙂

Here are the two links. I’d love to hear what you think about them. Who wins this rap battle? I say Pontifex by a slam dunk, but I know not everyone feels that way.

This debate makes the book Burning Religion. You can order Burning Religion on Amazon. Jump in and join a revolution of peacemakers with me.

One thought on “Bethke vs. Pontifex revisited

  1. If religion is me following my neibor to his church and discovering that the Creator loved me and gave His Son for me, then I love religion.

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