What do Politics and Religion have in Common Today? Anger.

Photo on 9-7-15 at 10.07 AM #2This article posted by Scott McKnight in Patheos about anger in politics, highlights one of my primary theses behind Burning Religion. The polarization of complex issues in both politics and religion turns what should be a robust discussion of both worlds into banal, yet simultaneously frustrating and heated topics. We vacillate between being bored and not wanting to talk about the issues, and wanting to yell about them.

There is another way to do things, but it does not come from the made for TV, Facebook, and Twitter talking points of our fast-intellectual-food culture. Burning Religion is the first of a series in starting a revolution to consider the polarizing issues differently. Do you still care enough to want to help, but are you too tired of the political and religious infighting to do much about it? Well, this is a revolt kicking against those driving forces behind the face of popular politics and the face of popular religion. It is not a “third way” of looking at things. It is wilder than that. This is not about jumping on the bandwagon, this is about jumping off and freeing yourself from the Bread and Circuses manipulation inherent to our world’s systems.


You can order Burning Religion and join a new kind of Party today.

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