Burning Religion is Funded!

cropped-temple-2012-burn-1.jpgThank you to everyone who joined the party, and helped bring Burning Religion to life. In the next 30 days, information will be forthcoming about the release of the book. For those of you, who are interested in pre-ordering Burning Religion, the pre-ordering will be available soon. Actual release date for the ebook is slated for October 2oth, and for the print edition shortly thereafter.

To all the people who helped support Burning Religion, Thank you!

Jeff Blackshear
Deanna Ogle
Jenn and Peter Gaffney
Michael Warrilow
Jimmy Melnarik
Rinus Oosthoek
Peter Lane
Jared Robinson & Erin Cyr
Josh Turiel
Robert Watson-Hemphill
Amber & Brian Barger
Alan Drake
Jide Alade
Mara & Glenn Coleman
Sandi Chai Brown
David Dashifen Kees
Ben Thorp
Paisley Rojagato
John Smulo
Trey & Amelia Black McCain
Ian Lynch
Stef & Mike Crockett
Dennis Huxley
Rob Petrini
Michael Toy
Anders Eskimyr
Pat Clarke
The Wrights
Andy Goldman
Papy Fisher
Lynne Krahn
Randall Shaw
Paul Bongiovanni
Ben Myers
Deb & Alan Hirsch
Claire Bennett
Dorothy Jones Jenkins (Yay Mom!)
Hope Deifell
Jonathan & Rachel Meharry
Susan Stephenson
Carl & Melissa Nystedt
Renee Powell
Robert Flaming
Dee Cunniffe
Josh & Ruth Jinno
Jodi & Greg Ainsworth
Joy & Paul Burwell
Paul Duffy
Donald & Amy Rylander

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