Who’s Stupid Here? Politics in Polarization

The Republican debates brought out the Clown Car memes. Interestingly, despite there being nearly a 50/50 split in our nation between conservative and liberal voters as of 2014, we seem to think half of the people are stupid. Of course, as expected, the responses from the right began to mock the left  following the Democratic debate. Each side calls the other stupid, and these responses come from intelligent people and are leveled against seemingly intelligent people. So, are the intelligent people on the right correct in calling the Democratic candidates stupid or corrupt, or are the intelligent people on the left correct in calling the Republican candidates stupid? Or, is something else going on? It is possible that it is the voters who are stupid. It is also possible that it is the process which is stupid, and if so, it has dumbed us all down. Perhaps something more dangerous is happening. What do you think? This is not really new in America, nor in the rest of the world (note the ongoing talk about David Cameron’s pig affair). Why are we stuck in this name-calling in politics in America?

2 thoughts on “Who’s Stupid Here? Politics in Polarization

  1. It’s the inevitable result of an absolutist worldview: “There’s only one way to look at the world, and it’s rational and true and good—and mine. Because you don’t share it, you are either irrational, lying, or evil.” Stupid is really the kindest option of the three.

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