Burning Religion eBook

DSC_5228Burning Religion has come out in eBook first (Print soon to follow). Self-publishing this project means that I have been the person formatting this book for eBook publication. The difficulty level of this task is not high, but the attention to details is fairly important, and adding a few little bells and whistles (links to videos and other fun, and educating materials) is a rather tedious and careful process.

But, I think you will find the results of the eBook a positive experience. You will see the Temple at Burning Man 2011 fall. You will be able to decide who wins a YouTube spoken word challenge between a young rapper and a catholic priest. Philosopher Slavoj Žižek will talk about laugh tracks as America’s most brilliant invention, and you will be linked to a short movie in which Jesus is portrayed as silent clown. These are just a few of the many little connections from the eBook the outside world of wonder and thought.

You can order the eBook of Burning Religion on Amazon now.

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