Tonight, I Touched the Moonlight

Tonight, I touched the moonlight.

I stood by the harbor looking down the rock ledge to the water, and watched the light of the full moon dance off the tiny wind waves in the harbor. For some reason unknown to me, I felt a voice calling me down to the low tide. I scrambled down the rocks in the dark. They become slippery and black at the high tide’s edge, and I precariously made my way from ledge to crag to cracks in the stones until I found myself in the gritty wet sand near water’s edge.

The water called me closer, and I walked to the wet, sandy temporary low tide border of the Atlantic. I felt compelled to try to touch to light of the moon as it glittered off the harbor. And so, I knelt down, and as I did, the reflected light of the moon drew closer to me. But, the light remained too far from my outstretched fingers. And so, I lowered by head nearly to the sand, and nearly had to lay my face upon the water before my outstretched fingers touched the reflection of the moon in water, and I touched the moon in the water. I watched the moon explode into a thousand little glittering refractions of moonlight.

I thought that this is what God has done for me. I came home just a little wet and cold, but I am thankful, because I touched the moon tonight.

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