Burn Religion this coming year!

Burning_Religion_Cover_for_KindleThere is a movement today not unlike the “Death of God” theology of the late 50’s early 60’s. One theologian would suggest that what needed to die was our perspectives on God, and another would suggest that we simply came to a place where the idea of God was no longer needed in a modern/post-modern world. The theological construction was all over the conservative to liberal spectrum map. Today the same thing is happening. Christians are all over the map, and are bouncing around like popcorn in a popcorn maker. We are getting heated. We are exploding, and we are ending up in different places than where we started.

In some sense, this is a coming of age for those who are changing their once dearly held, but assumptive views of “life, the universe and everything.” In another sense, this is an intellectually and emotionally dangerous moment of transition in our religions and in our politics. How do we know if we are in the clutches of the powers of a bread and circus culture? How do we distinguish when the politics, and the economy (and yes, sometimes even the religion) create wily, “commonsense”, and alluring traps by snaring us with our own passions?

Burning Religion is the first part of a trilogy of philosophical, autobiographical and fantasy immersion into an answer to these questions. It is designed to help us see the world from a different perspective than our own limited positions, and perhaps help us navigate the gap between ourselves and the surrounding culture.

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