I Think About Nothing, and God

My wonderful friend Ian Lynch from Darkwood Brew captured me thinking about nothing. This is good timing to relive this moment. Today there was a conference call about Wild Goose Festival planning. Simultaneously, I am planning for going back to Wales this coming May-June, and the philosophy festival I mention in this short interview is one of the places our team is seeking to help make a positive impact. HowTheLightGetsIn is the name of the festival, and here are some thoughts from last year’s visit. So, yes it is true, I have an empty brain. I think about nothing.

This year we visit Burning Nest, HowTheLightGetsIn, Stonehenge at the Solstice, the Wild Goose Festival, Burning Man, as well as organizing major events in Salem Haunted Happenings. Our little church, The Gathering, may reach the world, and help others do so, but we do not use the church funds to make this happen. It occurs with your help, and your prayers.

Where to donate to wild outreaches from Salem, MA.

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