The Dual Enslavement of Pornography

La_grande_Epidemie_de_PORNOGRAPHIE“The attachment to pornography creates the threat of slavery in two directions. The objectification of women through the obscene narratives of them as sex toys, objects of abuse and slaves is one tormenting and twisted half of the story. Yet the paper and pixel ladies stare back, and traumatize the viewer in return. They call back silently from screen and paper in the middle of the night. They keep young and old men (and a growing number of women) up into the witching hours of exhaustion. The pixilated girls call during the day, and government and private sector resources are used for satisfying uncontrollable, unproductive urges. No one is a winner in the isolating and enslaving gaze of pornography. She haunts like a siren and slays many of those who paddle into the surf of her shores. She holds the potential to devour the souls of mistresses she keeps, and the scopophiliacs she titillates.”

Wyman, Phil (2015-10-20). Burning Religion: navigating the impossible space between religion and secular society (Kindle Locations 1336-1342). . Kindle Edition.

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