Photo on 7-25-16 at 8.00 AM

Since watching the Republican National Convention last week I have been reading SHAM by Steve Salerno. SHAM is strong critique of the Self-Help and Actualization Movement. I can not help but see last week’s Republican Convention as a variation on the motivational/self-help theme. Now, I realize that these things are not directly connected. Tony Robbins and Donald Trump are not cut out of the same cloth, or are they? I have seen them on the same ticket in conventions aimed at teaching you how to become a millionaire.

I heard that pressure cooker safety valve hiss of vapid platitudes escaping speakers mouths throughout the four days of the convention. I am sure the theme of the convention was, “My momma (insert daddy for the Trump clan) told me I could become anything I wanted as long as I put my mind to it, and believed in myself.”

Is this really what we want in political leadership? A combination of high school cheerleader-like motivation, and a protectionism designed to keep our special little lives intact?

This former Republican turned to no party just happened to notice that with Mr. Real Estate Mogul at the helm, this year’s convention looked and sounded like one of those overpriced how to make money expos put on by Real Estate Moguls. Did you notice that too?

This week: The DNC. It’s shaping up to look like a shape-shifters convention at the moment.

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