Witches Are Real People Too!

cover-witches-are-real-people-tooBefore I moved to Salem, MA, I was working on a theory: That Witches are just regular people with an alternative spirituality. So, I took a class in Folk-Religion at Fuller Seminary, and did some anthropological work on American Neo-Pagans. Guess what I discovered?! Yup, that’s right. I discovered the rather non-sensational fact that Witches are Real People Too, just like me and everyone else.

I thought this would be a rather mundane and obvious truth, until I put it into practice. This small book is the study I did in 1996, and became the background for moving to Salem, MA and treating people the way they should be treated. This turned out to be a more revolutionary concept to Evangelical Christianity that I imagined.

You can pick this study up in Kindle eBook or print copy.

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