Lessons on Ministering in Salem, MA in October – video

I gave a primer on ministering in festival settings, more specifically in Salem, MA in October with a touch of information on the changing face of Neo-Paganism as it is expressed currently. Lauren Hallee recorded it onto Facebook Live. Thanks Lauren! And so I thought I’d share it with the wider world of Phillowers (those are Phil Followers, because I thought I’d be silly). If you have not seen this, if you do not understand why I am so passionate about ministering in festival settings, if you don’t know anything about Neo-Paganism, or you are just interested in my babbling, check it out.

You can also discover my develop theology on engaging a non-Christian world in my book Burning Religion. Or you can learn a bit more about American Neo-Paganism (Witches, Druids, Heathen, and the like) in my brief anthropological missiology on American Neo-Paganism entitled Witches are Real People Too.

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