A Jew and a Gentile walk into a Cigar Shop…

photo-on-10-12-16-at-6-57-pmI am catching up on things I did not have time to do this October, even as I close up the last little loose ends of a busy, busy month. The things that happen in October embody some of the dreams I have for the rest of the world. A growing group of my friends and I are hoping to plant wildly creative micro-communities of faith inside transformative festivals. I got to talk a little bit about this with my friend Charles Bretan from “A Jew and a Gentile Walk into a Bar…Mitzvah”. In this podcast I also lay out some of the foundational theory of carnivalesque (carnival as revolution), which is at the heart of this crazy dream. Check it out in the following link:

A Jew and a Gentile Walk into a Bar…Mitzvah podcast #13

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