Politics has Become an Apocalyptic Cult: The End is Nigh!

nagasaki-bombFour days until the world ends. There is no hope. We are left with the options of a trigger happy, power hungry woman who wants to fill our nation with murderous emigrants, or an orange-haired baboon attempting to mimic The Joker with his finger on the nuke button. Make up your sandwich boards now, and start walking the streets proclaiming that the end is nigh.

Those are the apocalyptic scenarios we are being presented. Hillary is a corrupt politician who will continue driving the nation down into the abyss of wars, debt, and dangerously open borders. Trump is a madman who will rape indiscriminately, and pop off at a negative Tweet bombing anybody he dislikes on a whim.

I’m not buying the apocalyptic scenarios. Yet, I am amazed at the sad state of both political parties this year. One should be arrested and locked away for a long time. The other should be committed to a mental institution. Yet, I also believe that the checks and balances of the American political machine are sufficient to survive the worst Presidency we’ve ever seen, which potentially could be either choice we have in front of us now.

When did our political system become so religious that it became like the bullhorn street preachers Salem, Massachusetts survives every October? Each Halloween season, we tell one another to ignore the rabble and walk on by. Is that what we should be doing this political season?

A number of people are choosing a third party, or writing in someone they believe in. These are more than protest votes. They are a quiet revolution. These people are not dissimilar to those who walk past the street preachers and do not give them the time of day. It is a legitimate response to a political process that has spun out of control.

The political system is telling us that the end is near if we do not pick the savior. Those who are buying the full story have become like religious zealots supporting their messianic hope from the devil they fear. If today’s politics are a religion, I am an atheist. I do not believe the political apocalyptic scenarios. I think we will survive the next four years, and I am hoping we will have a political reset. Right now, it feels like we have joined the politi-cult, and need deprogrammers to bring us deliverance from it.

How did I get to thinking all crazy like this? Burning Religion: navigating the impossible space between religion and secular society is where you can find out – where outside the box is a life choice and philosophical necessity.

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