Called to the Impossible: Navigating the Impossible #1

img_1763God never asks you to do anything you are capable of doing.”

I first heard these words a long time ago. It was at a Pastor’s Conference in Portland, Oregon. Roy Hicks Jr. was speaking. These words were the main focus of his message, but before he could describe the paradoxical nature of their meaning, the words were already bouncing around inside my head as an obvious and strangely exciting truth.

God is the God of the impossible. He has also decided to include people – people who are up for the journey – into the ongoing adventure of walking through impossible stories with Him. If God were to have called us to do things that are possible, then we would be able to say that it was ourselves who performed the tasks, and not God who works in and through us. So, this is the predicament we are in: we will always be called to do things we cannot do. The steps along the way may include many small things that are simple tasks of everyday life, but the overall direction of the person joining God in this great adventure is the direction of impossible things.

This impossibility should be obvious to us. The mission of God is an anthropocentric mission to Him. The center of His concern is people. For us, it must be a Christocentric mission. The center of our devotion is Christ. Yet, because God in Christ is the center of our concern, His concerns becomes ours, and thus our focus turns to people – but like God, this focus must be outward. Our concern is about others. This is why the impossibility should be obvious. First, we are impossibly self-centered, and must turn our focus outward. Secondly, people are impossible, and working with people is an impossible task.

So, take heart if things seem impossible. You just might be on the right track.

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