The Importance of the April 1st Easter Resurrection

This is the first time Easter has been on April Fool’s Day since 1956. In fact, this is only the 15th time Easter has been on April Fool’s Day since the advent of the King James Version of the Bible. A little known fact, is that the year Jesus rose from the dead, it was also April Fool’s Day. Of course, this is based upon the reckoning of the dating system that places the death of Christ in the year 33 AD. More recent attempts at re-dating the resurrection are liberalized and reconstructionist theories attempting to sanitize history of the subversive power of the Gospel.

“How could Jesus’ resurrection occur at such an unsanitary time.” Says John Dominic Crossban, noted founder of the Jesus Seminar, “It would certainly be treated as a hoax throughout history. Christianity would never be able to live with such a scandal.”

The scandal of the death and resurrection is in fact what the followers of Christ understood from the beginning of Christian Church. MT Right, New Testament scholar and the former Bishop of DirtHam notes, “Paul, above all the Apostles understood the importance of the day Jesus rose from the dead. This is why he refers us to the ‘foolishness of the cross’, and calls the grand tradition of preaching, ‘foolishness’.”

Next time someone tells you that Jesus did not rise on April Fool’s, you can be informed. Point them to the First Chapter of First Corinthians and the apostolic evidence that Jesus looked Death in the eye and said, “April Fool’s!”


April 2nd edit: Today I wonder how many people believe that Jesus really rose from the dead on April 1st, 33 AD.


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