Parallaxis and the Distance Between People: Nerd Alert!

Some thoughts from my book Burning Religion have been placed into podcast form. Eight to twelve minute segments covering some of the critical philosophical concepts behind the book are now found in my new Wild Theology Podcast. Here are some of the recent offerings, which can be found on my Patreon page:

Navigating the Space Between Us Part 1: This covers philosophical theories about why people are so violently at odds with others who disagree with them. Zeno’s paradox is used as the perfect example of the distance between us.

Navigating the Space Between Us Part 2: The first part is continued with thoughts from the parallaxis of relationships. This concept imagined by Kant, was more recently furthered in Kojin Karatani’s book Transcritique and Zizek’s, The Parallax View. Here is it used in my simple attempt at philosophy to apply it to personal relationship differences.


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