Halloween Blog Post and Interview in the UK

Premier Christianity Magazine in the UK, and the Church Mission Society have posted a couple things from me in the last few days.

The Church Mission Society posted an interview about Halloween, Burning Man, Witches, and festival work. I was a speaker at their conference about “Mission among People who are Spiritual but not Religious”, and during that time, I did an interview with Naomi Steinberg about Halloween, Neo-Pagans, Burning Man, and festival ministry. Here is the link to the 21 minute interview with Naomi.

The UK Christian Magazine Premier Christianity contacted the Church Mission Society and asked if I would do a short blog post about the subject of “Why Halloween is the Most Christian Holiday on Our Calendar“.

The blog post is a teaser for my recent book, The Reformation of Halloween, where I discuss this further. You can find the book on Amazon, and you can also find my other book mentioned here Witches are Real People Too.

You can also find these books at Amazon.co.uk
Witches are Real People Too 
The Reformation of Halloween

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