Love Big or Go Home nears completion

I have been working on a book entitled Love Big or Go Home over the beginning of this year. It is a theology of mission based upon the idea that the Gospel is inherently nomadic, and that this nomadism informs how we approach the world.

I have no idea what the cover will look like, but this is my quickly sketched out bookmark art for the project. Got ideas? Send them to me.

By saying this I do not mean to assume that only nomadic people can present the Gospel purely, but rather that there is something about that nomadism of the Jewish patriarchs, the Hebrew people and their wanderings, Jesus and his apostles, and the early church fathers and mothers that gives power to the Gospel. These are truths we can all hold on to, and can find ways to express. I also believe that if we can understand these truths we will understand when people are the most open and why.

Keep your eyes peeled. I am hoping to have Love Big or Go Home ready by the time I return from the UK to the US in late August.


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