Another October in Salem – is it the last?

On the verge of moving to the UK (you know, that place which the more famous country of Wales is a part of) ;-), I am back in Salem for another Halloween. I’ve been involved with events in Salem’s monthlong Halloween since 1999, which makes me sound like a tagline on a company motto. Needless to say, I have a few things I’ve learned about the intersection of Christianity and Halloween. In fact, it could be said that I have experienced over 600 days of Halloween in the last 22 years. It is likely that I will be returning as a pop-in helper in the coming years, but who knows what comes next in my wild travels.

I have placed some those lessons into a book, with encouragements and ideas for Christians to be able to learn how to make this holiday into the Holy Day it was always meant to be. The Reformation of Halloween looks at the history and the activities of the day and sees them in a new light of mission.

Will you join me in making this continually growing holiday a holy day for our increasingly secular society? Discover the background histories, and tips for seeing the holy and the ‘hallowed’ in Halloween.

You can buy this book on

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