John Robinson on Minority Languages and the Gospel: Wild Theology Flashback

My preparation for moving to Wales includes trying to become fluent in a Celtic language. Welsh is the most living and regularly used Celtic language in the world, but it is still a minority language in its own country. My moving to Wales will be focused upon working in the Welsh language setting. In this flashback to Wild Theology, John Robinson talks about his work among minority language groups.

Wild Theology Podcast: The One Who Names Himself Part 1 Wild Theology

In this episode entitled "The One Who Names Himself", I look at the frantic search for a meaning and fulfillment. Kanye West's declaration at Glastonbury that he was the greatest rock star on the planet and the Self-Help Movement are discussed as examples of this phenomenon.   You can support this podcast at You can find the video version at  Also connect with me at:
  1. Wild Theology Podcast: The One Who Names Himself Part 1
  2. Love Big or Go Home with John W. Morehead
  3. Wild Theology Podcast – The Tattered Robes of Life: a song, a pre-Easter meditation
  4. Wild Theology Podcast -The Beginnings of Love Big or Go Home
  5. Wild Theology Podcast – Moving to Wales. The Story of this Dream.

You can support this mission to Wales through this secure PayPal link.

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