Burning Religion started as a book. It has grown into a way of looking at the Church and the World around it. It is a self-negating ecclesiology, but even this is in hopes of resurrection.

I am Phil Wyman. I have experienced negation at the hands of false accusations from my own denomination after twenty years of faithful service to them. And this occurred because I took the mission of God to love the world seriously. But I learned that befriending radical outsiders like Witches was a step too far…or was it? I say no.

My writings, whether theology or fantasy, fall into the category of carnivalesque thought…which means that I am trying to turn the world upside down with ideas that disorient and evoke surprise. I do this because I think that is what God does to us, and I tend to do it to myself on a regular basis. This is my happy process of self-evaluation.

On these pages you will find blog posts about my podcasts, my writings, my current studies, and random thought that niggle away at me through the day. You will also find updates on upcoming book series.

Coming Soon: 

Love Big or Go Home: I chronicle my travels with Rubber Tramps and assorted nomads in the US and UK, with theological observations on the inherent nomadic nature of the gospel.

Theidiocy:  From 1967 to 1969, God goes on vacation, or is silenced by a self-enforced game of Jinx. A clumsy gang of Angels and Saints have to take over and do so as best they can. A three-part fantasy hinting toward the questions formed by Theodicy (the defense of the existence of God in the face the Problem of Evil).