Chapter 1: Burning the Temple

The burning of the temple at the Burning Man festival, is illustrative of a simultaneous rejoicing and grieving we see in our culture when religion falls. Is it possible that this tension over the demise of religion also resides within our own hearts? Do we feel a satisfaction at the loss of religion, even while secretly sorrowing for the loss of something ancient and innocent?

One thought on “Chapter 1: Burning the Temple

  1. Surely this is the story of religion through the ages and the torment that lies within all of us, our story and how we tell it is constantly being reinvented, but then I speak as one who was not immersed in religion except by its absence in my life while growing up, I encountered it in my early teens as a thing of mystery and beauty and a place to belong. That said I still feel like an outsider even as an ordained minister!

    Belonging has brought other tensions, I simultaneously rejoice and grieve over the fall of the established church, but I see the need for the fall, it makes my position uncertain, but that is also a good thing, something deep within me knows that there is a deeper reconnection to be made, and surely that is what true religion is all about, to become realigned / reconnected with the divine!

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