The Foolosophers

a Burning Man 2020 Camp

Join us for our virtual events:
• Cigars, Whisky and Philosophy
• Thinkers, Tinkers and Stinkers

The Foolosophers Camp is part of the Holy Fools Virtual Village, and this page will direct you to the online interactive events we will be doing as part of the Virtual Burning Man 2020. You can also find our fellow campmates at SpiritSpace Camp and join them in their activities of art, dream interpretation, and the like.

The Holy Fools were guilty of the art installations The Pillars of the Saints in 2011, and Theophony in 2012. We also ran the Cigars, Whisky and Philosophy night in 2012. In the following years we have been involved in Dream Interpretation and similar encounter experiences.

This year, we are offering an interactive Zoom event for Cigars, Whisky, and Philosophy. As long as you have a stogie and a dram, we’ll offer the topic and drag you into our smoky banter. We are also offering a more interactive and more provocative version of something like the TED Talks. We call it Thinkers, Tinkers, and Stinkers. This event a provocation of the status quo by those who have the ideas (Thinkers), make the things (Tinkers), and create the moments (Stinkers) that trouble the world in revolutionary and beneficial ways. Multiple Thinkers, Tinkers, and Stinkers sessions will be happening. See below, where you can contact us and register for an event.

Cigars, Whisky, and Philosophy

Date/Time: Saturday, August 1st, 4pm PST (California Time)

Charles, Chris, and Helena the Ampersand of Reason

A Jew and a Gentile Walked into a Bar…Mitzvah! And the two guys created a podcast by that name, and will be hosting this session of Cigars, Whisky, and Philosophy. Chris the Gentile and Charles the Jew along with their superior officer, “Helena – the Ampersand of Reason”, will puff you into deep thought, but they will in no way help you out of your existential angst.

They have chosen a quote from the typically impossible to understand Emmanuel Levinas as the jump off point for discussion:

“One has to respond to one’s right to be, not referring to some abstract and anonymous law, or judicial entity, but because of one’s fear for the Other. My being-in-the-world or my “place in the sun’ my being at home, have these not been the usurpation of spaces belonging to the other man whom I have already oppressed or staved, or driven out into a third world; are they not the acts of repulsing, excluding, exiling, stripping, killing?”

Emanuel Levinas, Ethics as First Philosophy

If you are afraid of the idea of bantering about complex philosophical concepts with brainy people, don’t be too worried, we will make this applicable to the average Joe or Jolene.

Thinkers, Tinkers, and Stinkers


August 31, Noon PST (California time)

A Tinker originally referred to an itinerate tin worker, and the word eventually became associated with Irish Travelers and Scottish Highland Travelers who often did such work. In the UK it may be used to describe a mischevious child. Here we are using the term to represent people who create things that push the boundaries of what we perceive as “normal.” These are the mischevious people who don’t think of boundaries in the same way as everyone else, in other words – mischevious children.

Dress Like a Goth Fairy: Diana Greenfield (the Goth Vicar) from Glastonbury, UK teaches us how to dress for the world of the Fae – whether you do it at Burning Man, The Glastonbury Festival, or just choose to live this way like Diana.
Tiny Trailer Life: Jim Hogue (aka Moon Bunny) from Ramona, CA shows us a better way to experience camping on the playa, or perhaps even living off the grid and under the radar.
Dress like a Pirate: Matt (the Pirate) Bender and his friends from Salem, Oregon teach us how to prepare for the festival, and how to live like a pirate.
TBA: one more to be announced soon